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Options For When You’ve Cracked Your iPhone Screen

Bad luck, you’ve cracked your iPhone screen. We’ve all done it. Now that you’ve cracked your screen, I’m sure you have questions—How do I unlock my phone if the screen is broken? Is it easy to fix a cracked iPhone screen? I’m here to reassure you that you have nothing to worry about. A cracked iPhone screen is such a common issue and there are different ways to tackle it depending on how severe the damage is. Even if you only have a small crack, it’s best to deal with it right away to avoid it getting worse at an inconvenient moment. Read on for our tips on how to tackle a cracked iPhone screen.

Backup your iPhone if you can

Whether you can backup your iPhone depends on the severity of the damage. If you can still use the touchscreen, it is still usable. If it is still usable, save yourself a massive headache by backing up your iPhone right away. Head to “Settings” and click on your name. After that, navigate to “iCloud”, then “iCloud backup”, and turn that setting on. iCloud will automatically back up all of your data daily and you can also initiate a manual backup easily. If your phone is unusable and you didn’t back your data up, you’ll need to contact a professional mobile phone data recovery specialist.

Protect your cracked screen

Keeping moisture out of your cracked iPhone screen is key to preventing further physical damage to your phone. A temporary solution, while you arrange for the screen to be repaired, is to use packing tape around your phone and screen. This should hold everything in place so you don’t get shards of glass falling off. Alternatively, you could use a robust phone screen protector that will help add a bit of protection to your phone while you arrange a more permanent solution.

However, while you might be tempted to stick on a protective cover and forget about the crack, this isn’t wise. Cracked screens do leave a phone vulnerable to further damage. So, try and see this as a temporary fix only. The last thing you want is a small crack in your phone causing issues with your phone’s software.

Trade-in or sell your phone

One option if your screen is considerably damaged and you were thinking of getting a new one anyway is to trade in your iPhone for a new one. Many mobile phone repair companies will provide a quick, free quote for taking your old phone off of your hands. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Dig out an old phone

Got an old phone collecting dust in a cupboard? Dig it out, dust it off and see if you can still use it. It might be the case that your SIM card won’t work in it if it’s not a phone with the same network provider. So, you may need to unlock your phone. While you might have to take a step back in terms of functionality, this can be a good low-budget option while you consider your options.

Buy a new phone

Certainly one option, but not the cheapest, is to just bite the bullet and buy a new phone. iPhones can be costly, so it’s always worth considering refurbished models or less expensive brands. But, if you’re an avid iOS user, chances are you won’t want to move to an Android. It’s always worth waiting for any deals that come up in Black Friday or January sales to try and recoup some of your outlay.

Get a replacement screen for your iPhone

It’s easier than ever to get your iPhone screen replaced using a professional mobile phone repair service. And, with the rising costs of mobile phones, it’s a more attractive option than ever to simply repair your mobile phone than buy a brand new one. One option is to turn to Apple for a fix, but this is generally considered to be a costly option. Another option is to turn to an iPhone screen repair service. However, you’ll want to make sure you’re dealing with somebody that knows what they’re doing. Incorrectly installing a replacement screen can leave you with more problems than you started with.